I think of my sculptures as the key to the secret garden of my visions and thoughts, my looking glass! None of this was intentional. It just developed and evolved over time. All these emotions inside me and images stored in my brain suddenly become a face, a body, a sculpture.

I continue to learn about myself and my material as the relationship progresses. Every piece I create is an experiment. I am never sure of what I am going to do, or how it may change me or my work. I never know, when I begin, what my finished piece will look like.

I am captivated by the human form, by the way in which gestures and expressions can speak to us. While my sculpted figures are all different, they all have a story to tell.

What inspires me? Every day life, and the uniqueness of the world we live in. The past and the future. How human beings move through many stages in their lives. Working with clay allows a direct, spontaneous and playful approach, enabling me to capture the spirit of the figure.